InQontext offers a broad range of services for the development of applications based on Qlik platform. We also develop solutions that will vastly improve your workflow both in QlikView and Qlik Sense.

We manage full-cycle development of:

  • applications that perform data extraction (Extractors),
  • applications that create data models (Datamodels),
  • applications that display generated reports (Front-ends).

Our experts can also optimize your data model. As a result, you’ll get consistent, high-quality performance out of your programs. Equally, will help your organization with Front-End development and optimization.


Qlik NPrinting is Qlik’s recent automated reporting solution for QlikView and Qlik Sense. It allows organizations to create insightful reports using QlikView and Qlik Sense data. Then users can distribute them in widespread formats like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Qlik Nprinting has the responsive web-client and simple yet effective built-in editing tools. With that, creating advanced custom reports has never been easier! What’s more, you can share your reports through various channels like e-mail or Web.

InQontext will turn a huge volume of data into a neat report that you can share within your organization and beyond.


QlikView is an award-winning business intelligence tool that has changed the world of business analysis globally. Now with Qlik Sense you gain more access and sacrifice nothing in return. There are many users that are looking to do more for themselves and need a self-serve business intelligence platform that is accommodating to users that struggle with traditional tools. Qlik Sense fills this void and many others.

Speed, scalability, exploration

Thanks to the use of QIX engine (Qlik’s Associative Engine), Qlik enables its users with an extremely fast in-memory processing and freeform exploration. What that mean is – Qlik compresses data down to only about 10% of the original size, while still maintaining speed that is 10-100 times faster, than conventional files. Another thing that attributes to the speed is columnar data store, which allows the engine to focus on a defined set of columns while running calculations, instead of processing the entire table.

Another thing that makes Qlik unique is the Associative Data Engine. It allows us to see what is associated with the data that has been selected. This is extremely useful in providing comprehension into the relationships between data. On top of that is the “Smart Search” which allows users to find anything, regardless of where it is in your data.

Easy and professional

Qlik is designed for the end user so they can truly perform self-serve BI. A member of your sales team, with no previous experience or training with Qlik Sense can grab the tool and in an afternoon build an application to communicate to the rest of the team his sales activity, where you are getting traction and what activities were generating results. Imagine what your team could do with some training!

A couple of years ago Qlik acquired “NcomVA” that is renowned for their data visualization. This company was formed by PhDs that specialized in developing graphic visualizations to communicate what is happening in your data. The fruits of their labor are in the Qlik Sense product for the first time and as a result we get award winning visualizations to help us understand our data.


Governed Data and Security. Although Qlik Sense is extremely easy to use and allows the business user to perform self-serve business intelligence it is also Enterprise ready. Qlik Sense provides for Governed Data so the organization can regulate the data to ensure everyone is using the same data sources and formulas.

Adaptable, policy-based security rules. The highly configurable Qlik Management Console and security APIs allow you to customize your security rules to any degree, while still allowing business users to add their own data, analyze and share work with others in a fully self-service model.